You Found “The Shack”

Well, you’re here. Don’t get excited as, you really haven’t found anything too amazing. This is really only a blog where┬áI document my own stories, rants, theories, memories, and musings. Sometimes I’ll post my photo art, and sometimes links to stuff I like on the internet. If you don’t like what I say here, please don’t complain, just leave. There is always room for a good discussion, though.

If you’re soliciting, here’s a short list of the things that I’m not interested in at this time or in any other time in my life – except for ED – although the internet is a haven for information and advice, I think a board certified urologist is the best place to begin seeking treatment for erectile maladies.

  • Russian Brides

  • Penis Enlargement

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Work-from-Home Opportunities

  • Life Insurance

  • Horny “Neighbors”

  • Weight-Loss Drugs

  • Credit Repair

  • Anything That Claims to “Not be Spam”

  • Online Gambling

  • Cures for Male-Pattern Baldness

Of course, anyone else who may fit into the above list can invite themselves away. Use your common sense, the list is a guide and you probably know if you’re welcomed here or not. Now, if you’re just here to read, relax, and perhaps have a bit of friendly banter about what happens in my gray matter, feel free to move forward. Read, comment, and share away!