You Found “The Shack”

Well, you’re here. Don’t get excited as, you really haven’t found anything too terribly interesting. This is a place where I document my own stories, rants, theories, memories, and musings. Sometimes I’ll post my photo art, and sometimes links to stuff I like on the internet. If you don’t like what I say here and feel the need to be contemptible, just leave. On the other hand, a good, hearty discussion is more than welcomed. But remember, this is my island and it only takes my vote to remove you. Yup, this is no democracy here.

If you’re soliciting, here’s a short list of the things that I’m not interested in at this time or in any other time – except for ED, statistically, I may need help with that – but, although the internet is a haven for information and advice, I think a board certified urologist is the best place to begin seeking treatment for erectile maladies. If you think that I’ve omitted something from the list, please feel free to exclude yourself.

  • Russian Brides

  • Horny Housewifes

  • Penis Enlargement

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Work-from-Home Opportunities

  • Life Insurance

  • Naughty Neighbors

  • Weight-Loss Drugs

  • Credit Repair

  • Anything That Claims to “Not be Spam”

  • Online Gambling

  • Cures for Male-Pattern Baldness

  • Ways to monetize this site

Of course, anyone else who may fit into the above list can invite themselves away. Use your common sense, the list is a guide and you probably know if you’re welcomed here or not. Now, if you’re just here to read, relax, and perhaps have a bit of friendly banter about what happens in my gray matter, feel free to move forward. Read, comment, and share away!